59: Industry Exec + Activist Shawn Finnie!

59: Industry Exec + Activist Shawn Finnie!

59: Industry Exec + Activist Shawn Finnie! 1500 800 nomoretokenspod

On this week’s episode we welcome industry executive and activist SHAWN FINNIE!

Professionally, he serves as the Senior Director of Member Relations and Awards for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the organization that puts on the Oscars). He is a crucial part of the team that is responsible for making sure there is solid representation and diverse voices of all backgrounds included, engaged, and activated within the Academy membership which ultimately reflects the Oscars.

Shawn uses his voice on his own platform to amplify, uplift and elevate conversations around mental health, community, rights, and creating space by initiating thoughtful conversations with some of Hollywood’s most influential and well-known activists and artists such as: NAACP President Derrick Johnson, Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker Mahershala Ali, actress Rita Wilson, attorney Ben Crump, Tom Bilyeu and more.

Shawn Finnie: @shawnfinniebeflourishing

No More Tokens: @nomoretokens 

Mahesh Kotagi: @maheshkotagi

Daniel Marcha: @marchamakesmovies

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