57: Comedian Orlando Leyba!

57: Comedian Orlando Leyba!

57: Comedian Orlando Leyba! 1500 800 nomoretokenspod

ORLANDO LEYBA is one of our favorite stand-up comedians out there who finds humor in just about anything that crosses his path.

You have to check out his standup special ADORABLE, now streaming on HBO ­­– or you can catch it streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, Sirius XM or wherever you’re streaming from right now.

He’s made multiple memorable appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he stars in the animated kids film LUIS AND THE ALIENS on Hulu.

He’s appeared on three episodes of TruTV’s LAFFTRACKS, and on TBS’s WRECK LEAGUE. He’s killed it as a contestant on the NBC show BRING THE FUNNY, and he was a finalist in NBC’s STAND-UP SHOWCASE.

When the world opens back up, you can catch Orlando on stage at comedy festivals, and clubs throughout the U.S and Canada.

Orlando Leyba: @heylando

No More Tokens: @nomoretokens

Mahesh Kotagi: @maheshkotagi

Daniel Marcha: @marchamakesmovies

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