54: Animator Jaydeep Hasrajani!

54: Animator Jaydeep Hasrajani!

54: Animator Jaydeep Hasrajani! 1500 800 nomoretokenspod

JAYDEEP HASRAJANI is an Indian-American animator, storyboard artist, and director based in Los Angeles, CA.

He has previously worked on Cartoon Network’s THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and THE FUNGEES, and Netflix Animation’s GHEE HAPPY.

Currently, he’s the Creator and Producer on a super secret project he legally cannot talk about at. Netflix Animation. Oops, we’ve said too much already.

Jaydeep Hasrajani: @jaydeephasrajani

No More Tokens: @nomoretokens

Mahesh Kotagi: @maheshkotagi

Daniel Marcha: @marchamakesmovies

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