49: Actor + Comedian Maz Jobrani!

49: Actor + Comedian Maz Jobrani!

49: Actor + Comedian Maz Jobrani! 1500 800 nomoretokenspod

MAZ JOBRANI is an Iranian-born actor and comedian who’s newest comedy special PANDEMIC WARRIOR premieres on January 28 on Peacock!

You may have seen Maz on the big screen in films including Sydney Pollack’s THE INTERPRETER, Disney’s DESCENDANTS, and Ice Cube’s FRIDAY AFTER NEXT.

Tune into Netflix to catch his original (and hilarious) standup special IMMIGRANT.

Most recently Maz appeared in A SIMPLE WEDDING (from the producers of MY BIG, FAT, GREEK WEDDING) alongside Rita Wilson, as well as Hulu’s TASTE THE NATION with Padma Lakshmi.

You should also give some love to Maz’s awesome podcast BACK TO SCHOOL WITH MAZ JOBRANI now available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

And don’t miss the chance to see Maz live out on his standup comedy tour – buy your tickets at MazJobrani.com.

Maz Jobrani: @MazJobrani

No More Tokens: @nomoretokens

Mahesh Kotagi: @maheshkotagi

Daniel Marcha: @marchamakesmovies

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